Welcome to the Gromox project webpage

Gromox is the central groupware server component of grammm. It is capable of serving as a replacement for Microsoft Exchange and compatibles. Connectivity options include RPC/HTTP (Outlook Anywhere), IMAP, POP3, an SMTP-speaking LDA, and a PHP module with a Z-MAPI function subset.

Gromox relies on other components to provide a sensibly complete mail system, such as Postfix as a mail transfer agent, and grammm-admin for user management. A webmail client interface is available with grammm-web. The grammm distribution ships these essentials and has a ready-to-run installation of Gromox.

Support is available through grammm GmbH and its partners. See https://grammm.com/ for details.

The source code repository and technical issue tracker can be found at https://github.com/grammm-dev/gromox.



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